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The Andywrap® Film Group has been operating in the area of Polyethylene Stretch Films since 1989.  Since its inception the group has been at the forefront of development and innovation.  Andywrap® Eurofilm Ltd, a company within the group, led to the development of the 100mm Andywrap® (Handy Wrap) binding film system.  This clever and simple hand held bundling tool was a great success, with the subsequent additional widths developed of 50mm, 80mm, 200mm and 250mm.  The group is now a powerful force in the world market for machine / hand held Pallet Wrapping film rolls and Mini Rolls, with its Andywrap® brand now a worldwide recognised and trusted name.


The group has also diversified into other film products including Low Tack Surface Protection Films, Lay Flat Tubing, Spiral Wrapping Films, Agricultural Silage Films and Packaging Tapes.  With recent investments in new machinery for their main UK production factory, they are now able to offer PRINTED stretch film products also!


Andywrap® Eurofilm Ltd markets their Andywrap® packaging/protection film rolls in European and international markets, through an efficient sales network consisting of its own UK offices, National Distributors and leading International Distributors.

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